Changing/disabling the prefix

Please note: we do not recommend removing the prefix unless you are certain that no one will share a username between a Java and Bedrock player. Duplicated usernames will cause weird situations, like being unable to teleport to one of the players.

In your Floodgate config, change username-prefix to whichever prefix you desire - you can set it to "" and there will be no prefix.

On some older Paper servers (or any forks that use them), you may need to also shut down your server and delete your usercache.json file located in the same folder as your server jar to prevent users who already joined from having the old prefix. See this issue for more information.

Obtaining UUIDs for Floodgate players

Check your server logs, or use this page. If this doesn’t work, then try this method:

First, you’ll need to get the XUID of the player. There are several third-party websites to find this, for example, this one (unaffiliated with Geyser). Make sure to choose “Hexidecimal.” You’ll need to enter the player’s Xbox Gamertag, and, once submitted, and it should display the XUID in the format of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. To turn the XUID into a UUID that Java Edition can recognize, you need to put the XUID in this format: 00000000-0000-0000-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx. If formatted right, Java Edition should accept it as a UUID.

Using PlaceholderAPI

If you’re using the Spigot version of Floodgate, download the Placeholder plugin here. Using the placeholders shouldn’t require additional setup other than having PlaceholderAPI installed. See the section above on installing Floodgate on backend servers if you wish to use this on BungeeCord.

Using Skript

If you’re using the Spigot version of Floodgate, there is an unofficial plugin that adds Skript support here.