• You must be able to connect to your Geyser instance locally.


  1. Head over to’s website.
  2. Select the “Minecraft Bedrock” option. img
  3. Select “Yes” for the next 2 questions. It’ll then prompt you to download the program. Make sure to download the correct one for your system, then run it. img
  4. Create a account (Alternatively, you can select the guest button if you are trying it out). img
  5. Connect to your tunnel using the provided address. img
  6. If you join successfully, then you are done! Make sure to leave the program running as closing it will close the tunnel. (If you failed to join, check out the troubleshooting section of the page.)


I can’t connect to my server!

  • Make sure to check here beforehand.
  • If you changed the port that Geyser would bind to, you’ll have to tell to use that port instead in the image below. img
  • (Alternatively: You can try setting the bedrock port in the Geyser configuration to 19132.)