Commands and Permissions

Command Permission Description
geyser help
geyser ? Shows help for all registered commands.
geyser advancements geyser.command.advancements Open the Java advancements menu.
geyser dump geyser.command.dump Dumps Geyser debug information for bug reports.
geyser list geyser.command.list List all players connected through Geyser.
geyser offhand geyser.command.offhand Puts an item in your offhand.
geyser reload geyser.command.reload Reloads the Geyser configurations. Kicks all players when used!
geyser settings geyser.command.settings Opens a settings menu allowing you to modify aspects of the world.
geyser shutdown
geyser stop
geyser.command.shutdown Shuts down Geyser.
This command only works on Standalone.
geyser statistics geyser.command.statistics Open the Java statistics menu.
geyser version geyser.command.version Shows the current Geyser version and checks for updates.
geyser tooltips geyser.command.tooltips Toggle showing Advanced Tooltips (F3 + H on Java)

For Floodgate commands, see here.