Below is a list of community-compiled plugins, extensions and tools that work with Geyser.

Please note that, as these are unofficial, the main Geyser Discord will likely be unable to help with any bugs or issues you run into. Please check the linked pages for their support systems.

If you wish to add your own plugin to this list, please reach out in the #development channel of Geyser first!


A Spigot shop plugin that uses Bedrock forms.

Creator: KejonaMC

Bedrock Player Manager for Floodgate

A Spigot plugin that is able to run certain commands when a Bedrock player joins, or have Bedrock players able to bypass the anticheat, etc.

Creator: ofunny


This is a Fabric mod that allows you to view Bedrock capes from Java.

Creator: Camotoy

CreeperNation Skin API

An SkinAPI that displays Java or Bedrock skins based on the UUID or username.

Creators: creeperz653, BlueTree242


A Spigot, BungeeCord, and Velocity plugin to create custom Bedrock Edition forms and inventory menus through configurations.

Creators: Konicai, Jens


A Spigot plugin that allows users to enter commands starting with ., to work around Xbox achievements being disabled.

Creator: Chew


Placeholders support for Floodgate.

Creator: rtm516


Floodgate support for Skript.

Creator: Camotoy


Plugin that blocks Java players from joining your Geyser server, so you can have a Bedrock only server that can use Spigot plugins.

Creator: Camotoy


A Spigot plugin which attempts to unify features for Bedrock Edition players, including features like a cleaner looking combat cooldown, combat sounds and other helpful features and workarounds.

Creator: LetsGoAway


Prevent Bedrock players from joining specific sub-servers on a proxy

Creator: Camotoy


Spigot and Bungee plugin to make Bedrock skins work; requires Geyser to be installed on the server.

Creator: Camotoy


This is a Spigot/BungeeCord/Velocity plugin that can be used to automatically update Geyser.

Creators: Jens, YHDiamond, Konicai


Small application that waits for a player to connect before launching actual minecraft server.

Creator: Vincss

TydiumCraft Skin API

An API makes it easier for your Bedrock skin to be rendered and outputted!

Creators: Tydium