What is Floodgate?

Floodgate is a hybrid mode plugin that allows Minecraft: Bedrock Accounts to join Minecraft: Java Edition servers without needing a Minecraft: Java Edition account. This is something you install in addition to Geyser. Unlike Geyser, Floodgate can only be installed as a plugin on Spigot (including Paper and forks), Bungeecord, Velocity, and as a mod on Fabric servers, and can only be utilized on servers that have it installed.

What has Floodgate 2.0 to offer?

Floodgate 2.0 is a rewrite of Floodgate 1.0, with various bugfixes and improvements. It also introduces new features: being able to see Bedrock player skins on Java edition, being able to use Bedrock forms, link your account once and login on every server that has Global Linking enabled, and the Global Api.