Geyser Global API

The Global API is available for every server. It currently includes: Global Linking, skin uploading, getting a xuid by gamertag, and getting a gamertag by xuid. We don’t store anything else than you can access by the Global API, except for some non-identifiable metrics. The source code of the Global API is available here and the source code of the Global Linking server is available here.

As a user of the API, you can get various info about Geyser (or specifically, Floodgate players) that joined any Geyser + Floodgate server before. This includes:

  • Conversion methods from a Bedrock gamertag to Bedrock xuid, and vice-versa. Only provides info for players who are in Geyser’s cache.
    If you need them for all players, you can use a third-party API, e.g., which also provides info from the Geyser Global API.
  • Skin info: Whenever a Bedrock player joins via Floodgate, their skin gets converted & uploaded to mineskin. If you want to grab that converted skin, use the xuid of the Bedrock player in this endpoint to get a texture id, or a base64 encoded “value”, which you could use directly in e.g. player heads.

See the Global API docs for more info, and detailed usage.


Here are a few examples of how you could use the Global API.


  • GeyserMC’s discord bot has a /uuid command to get a floodgate uuid from a bedrock username.


  • A fabric mod that uses the Global API to get a Bedrock player’s skin, and then uses that to create a player head.