Geyser supports a wide variety of languages to offer the best experience for players all over the globe. When players join your server, Geyser will automatically detect their locale and provide the appropriate language.

What languages are supported?

We aim to support any of the Bedrock languages - below is a list of them and all the language codes.

Name Code
Bulgarian bg_bg
Czech cs_cz
Danish da_dk
German de_de
Greek el_gr
British English en_gb
American English en_us
Spanish es_es
Mexican Spanish es_mx
Finnish fi_fi
Canadian French fr_ca
French fr_fr
Hungarian hu_hu
Indonesian id_id
Italian it_it
Japanese ja_jp
Korean ko_kr
Dutch nl_nl
Norwegian Bokmål nb_no
Polish pl_pl
Brazilian Portuguese pt_br
Portuguese pt_pt
Russian ru_ru
Slovak sk_sk
Swedish sv_se
Turkish tr_tr
Ukrainian uk_ua
Chinese Simplified (China) zh_cn
Chinese Traditional (Taiwan) zh_tw

Additional languages

These languages are also supported, and are available in the Bedrock client using the Translations for Minecraft resource pack.

Name Code
Afrikaans af_za
Belarusian be_by
Hebrew he_il
Hindi hi_in

How can I help translate Geyser?

We use Crowdin to manage our translations. We also can add support for more languages, and please request them in the Discord server if you are willing to translate them. (Those can be enabled clientside via

Adding custom Geyser translation overrides

These strings are only for places where Geyser uses them. To edit Minecraft Java translations, see the section below.

To start, create a languages folder in the same directory as the Geyser config file. Inside of it, you’ll need to add a file with your desired locale ending in .properties. You can see here for the locale files that Geyser uses - you can download these as a starting point, or you can just add the strings you want to overwrite.

You must restart Geyser for the changes to apply.

Modifying/Adding Minecraft Java translations

Geyser also downloads the Minecraft Java translations from Mojang’s servers and sends them to Bedrock clients when needed. To modify these, open the overrides subfolder in the locales folder. Then, place your modified .json files in the overrides folder. You can also add custom Java translation strings to that json file.

Note: You do not need to provide the entire file, only the Java strings you want to change/add. Geyser will only update the strings you provide. You must restart Geyser for the changes to apply.