GeyserConnect is a version of Geyser that allows you to join multiple servers using a single GeyserMC proxy.


(For GeyserConnect to work you need an open UDP port, by default it’s 19132.)

  1. Download the latest build from Jenkins
  2. Edit the config as needed
  3. Start the server as you do with a normal Geyser install. EG: java -Xms1024M -jar GeyserConnect.jar (More info on Creating a Startup Script)
  4. Connect to it to make sure its all working.

DNS and Docker

There are both DNS (using bind9) and Docker configs in the repo if you would like to use them.


  • address - The IP address that will listen for connections.
  • remote-address - The IP address to forward players to, this needs to be accessible by the client. Set it to auto to grab your public IP automatically.
  • port - The port that will listen for connections.
  • debug-mode - If debug messages should be sent through console.
  • max-players - Maximum amount of players that can connect.
  • motd - MOTD to display.
  • geyser
    • debug-mode - If debug messages should be sent through the console, has to be enabled in both places to work.
    • shutdown-time - The time to wait after the last player disconnects to shutdown the proxy, in seconds. Set to -1 to disable.
  • servers - A list of servers to show for everyone build from address, port, name, online and bedrock all optional apart from address.
  • custom-servers
    • enabled - Should custom servers be enabled for users.
    • max - Max amount of custom servers per user.
    • storage-type - Storage engine for custom servers. Can be json, sqlite, mysql
    • mysql - Connection information for the MySQL database if enabled

The default config can be found here.