• IP: (default ports on both Bedrock and Java)
  • World size: 20k x 20k


Geyser has a test server for those who want to test how Java <-> Bedrock crossplay works on their device, and to see the limitations and restrictions. You can join from either Bedrock or Java, and the server has Floodgate installed so you don’t need a Java account to join from Bedrock.

If you can’t build/destroy/interact with the world in the test server, run /rtp to get away from the protected spawn area.

If you have any questions or problems be sure to join our Discord!


Command Desc
/rtp Teleport to a random location
/ll LandLord base command for managing land claims
/spawn Teleport to spawn
/home Set/go-to a home
/linkaccount Link your Java and Bedrock accounts